AHAVAH Inc. is a charity fundraising organization. Giving through AHAVAH is the same as giving directly to the organization itself. The reason is because 100% of every dollar raised by us goes directrly to our partners programs. On top of that, we have our partners agree that every dollar provided by our fundraising efforts goes directly to the specific program we are raising money for. So 100% of every donation goes directly to helping people in need, and 0% of the donation goes to overhead such as saleries, marketing, and administration.

We raise money to support our partners' initiatives, helping them promote change both locally and internationally. Our team is committed to helping our partners take a stand against injustices such as poverty, human trafficking, health-related issues, and family crises.

AHAVAH fundraising is a collective effort, by utilizing small monthly donations from our givers; we can provide consistent funding for our partners' programs. The purpose is to enable them to focus their efforts on serving people who are in need. Our partners are well established, accountable, and have a proven track record for using contributions to impact people’s lives through their various programs and out reaches.